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7 Days to Die Servers- A list of 7 of the best servers

What are the best servers to play on 7 days to die? This list of 7 servers will help you find out which one you prefer, and help your friends decide what they want to play on too! Each of these servers has unique features that make them stand out among the rest. Some are PvE focused, while others are PvP focused or have fun events all the time. Which one of these 7 servers would you recommend to your friends? Let us know in the comments!

Here are our recommendations for the best 7 Days to Die servers

1) E Pick Gaming

E Pick Gaming is a 7 days to die server that focuses on being an all around enjoyable experience. The server’s rules are simple, don’t cheat, be respectful towards other players. The server was started by Scatra, he wanted a place where you could build with minimal interference from others. If you’re into player made towns or just want to defend one then E Pick Gaming is your place. Server id full of custom items and everyone has the ability to get a weapon that uses unlimited ammo.

2) Salty Zombies

Salty Zombies is a survival server with a difference! We have implemented a set of rules that have been designed from player feedback. Those who break them will be banned from play, those who follow them can enjoy our friendly community and plentiful resources. So what are these rules? Below you will find a guide on what they are and how to use them as well as information on why we have chosen them! Rules

3) Dead Zone

Dead Zone is a survival multiplayer server with a focus on building and exploration. The world has been destroyed by a meteor, resulting in a new landscape that is open for you to explore. In addition, there are numerous towns that have been established as well as camps where you can form alliances with others. There is plenty of wildlife for those who wish to hunt, as well as trade items from one settlement to another using vehicles such as Jeeps and Dune Buggies. It’s easy enough to find your way around, but it can be difficult trying not get killed along the way!

4) Skynet Gamers

For us older players, there are few mod packs that have managed to capture our hearts in quite the same way as Skynet has. This is a game of skill, but it is also a game of resources. With almost everything you do requiring resources (mining/crafting/hunting), your world will be one where everything has value; whether it’s something you can use, or something someone else needs. Players start with little more than their boots and their wits, and through teamwork and perseverance they carve out an existence on top of an unforgiving land.

5) Primal Rage Gaming

Primal Rage is a vanilla survival server with tight rules and a friendly community. It's one of the oldest servers on 7 days to die, and it's easy to see why - strong leadership, constant improvements, great features and fun people make Primal Rage one of my favorite active 7d2d servers. As a survivalist myself, I love how active they are in their development of new features. We all know how much bugs can be an issue when playing solo or multiplayer games like these, but 7 days is known for having a lot more bugs than other online games - however, Primal Rage stays actively up-to-date on bug fixes in a way that many similar forums cannot seem to manage.

6) Dead Bolt Gaming

Deadbolt has both PvP and PvE aspects. It allows players to form clans, or groups, with other players. Players are required to build their own structures for protection against zombies and other players who wish harm upon them. The player is responsible for maintaining their buildings so that they don’t have to worry about them being raided by zombies or another player who would like nothing more than stealing all their hard work, time, and effort put into building up their structures. There are certain rules that must be followed in order to gain access into a clan. If you do not follow these rules then you will not receive access.

7) Fortnite Zombies

Do you love running around on your neighborhood with shotguns and crazy clothes? Want a great time where you can hang out with friends and meet new ones while having fun? If so then you should really check out Fortnite Zombies. The map has been taken over by zombies and you need to use your knowledge and weapons in order to defeat them. The goal is simple: stay alive! This is a great place for friends and family because everyone will have a blast.