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8 Top Gaming Industry Trends to Watch in 2022

Check out our Top Gaming Industry Trends to Watch in 2022

The gaming industry has come a long way since the days of Pong, and the big changes just keep coming. Within the next few years, we’ll see virtual reality (VR) become widespread, mobile games transitioning to Augmented Reality (AR), eSports becoming even more popular than it already is and brands using gaming to target millennials as never before—and that’s just scratching the surface! Here are eight trends you can expect to see in the gaming industry in 2022.

1) Esports will become as mainstream as regular sports

In a nutshell, esports is competitive video gaming, also known as electronic sports. The fact that it’s such a rapidly growing market is perhaps best exemplified by Twitch, which drew more than 100 million unique viewers per month as of 2016. Although not everyone is a fan of games like League of Legends or DOTA 2, if you grew up playing traditional sports—baseball, basketball and football—esports offers many of the same thrills.

2) Competitive gaming will be a sport, not just fun and games

Much like there’s a divide between real sports and esports, there will be a difference between traditional sports and competitive gaming. The distinction will be drawn between those who take games seriously (and become pros) and those who casually play for fun. Those who want to compete professionally will have coaches, physical trainers, nutritionists, gear sponsorships—basically all that comes with traditional sports will exist here too. And we’ll watch it just as much as NFL or World Cup matches today.

3) There Will Be A Rise In The Number Of Online Streaming Platforms And Their Users

As more people turn toward online streaming of games for entertainment, there will be a rise in online gaming platforms that can be accessed through any device. The increase of devices connected to high-speed internet (especially mobile) will lead to an increase in users who stream games from their homes as well as from game cafes/bars/restaurants where people gather around gaming screens and play games together.

4) The number of esports team franchises will increase

As gaming becomes more and more popular, so does competitive gaming. Many experts believe that we will see an increased number of esports team franchises in 2022. Why? As money floods into competitive gaming through sponsorships and tournament prizes, we’ll need more brands to represent these teams. Right now, there are a few organizations—like Cloud9 or Echo Fox—that represent many different teams.

5) Virtual Reality Devices Will Become Even More Advanced

The technology is already there for virtual reality games and devices, but since it’s still relatively new and expensive, it hasn’t caught on. But as prices drop and we find even more uses for VR beyond gaming—things like therapy, exercise, work training—the sector will continue growing. In fact, VR is just starting to scratch the surface of its potential; analysts believe that by 2022 it will have grown into a $160 billion industry.

6) Casual PC Gamers Will Use Voice Commands To Play Games On Their Phones

As mobile gaming continues to grow and evolve, it is not far-fetched to assume that many casual gamers will shift from playing games on their phones with touch screens, keyboards, and buttons to simply using voice commands. This will allow players to free up their hands for other activities like checking emails or texting friends. Voice commands are already standard in games with controllers, so it makes sense that they’ll become even more prevalent as PC gamers turn toward mobile devices.

7) VR arcades will be more prominent than they are today

The second most discussed topic at E3 2017 was virtual reality (VR). VR gaming is set to be one of, if not, THE biggest trend in gaming over the next few years. With leading VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR all scheduled for release in Q4 2016, it’s clear that now is an exciting time for gamers and developers alike. But will these technologies make a significant enough impact by 2022?

8) Training aids like VR exoskeletons will be used by all gamers

New technology is being introduced all of time, and exoskeletons are a great example. These wearable devices aim to improve strength, endurance, and motor skill training. As games get more realistic every year and they take longer to complete, people will look for ways to stay sharp while playing games. Exoskeletons may be an effective solution that allows gamers of all ages and ability levels to compete on a level playing field. They’ll also enjoy staying mentally alert while using their favorite titles.