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Go All-In On These GTA Online Minigames

When it comes to online multiplayer games, Grand Theft Auto was a pioneer.

The GTA Online servers are always busy, and they've taken multiplayer gaming to the masses. Some titles, such as World of Warcraft, are quite a niche and best played on private servers, but GTA Online is mainstream. The game has had a solid fanbase ever since it was released, and we're now almost ten years down the line, and it's still going strong.

What about GTA that has kept people playing through three generations of consoles? The standalone title, GTA V, was a great game with an engaging story, but by today's standards, it's dated, yet people still dig the map. They still speed around Rockford Hills, climb Mount Chiliad on bikes, and cruise Downtown Los Santos in tuned cars. They still gather online in huge numbers to play, which is a testament to the game's depth.

GTA Online has multiple 'main' missions, such as The Doomsday Heist, which have kept gamers interested, but much of its strength lies not in the big releases but in the simple minigames players can use to build up their money. These are often fun, sometimes lucrative, ensuring no two sessions are the same. If you're new to GTA Online or need reminding why you loved it, here are some of the best minigames to go all-in on ahead of the promised summer update.


Golf is not the sort of game you'd imagine your protagonist enjoying, but nothing is quite as enjoyable as heading to the Los Santos Golf Club for a few rounds. The course is fun and can be enjoyed by two people; the mechanics are not unlike the old PGA Tour games from the PS1. Of course, there are only a handful of holes, and they never change, but it is a nice switch of pace from the robberies, car theft and gun running.


Those wanting to amass in-game currency quickly head to the Diamond Resort and Casino, where two players can pit their wits against the dealer, and each other, in a game of poker. Unlike other Rockstar games, GTA Online doesn't use Texas Hold'em, instead preferring a hand of three-card poker. It's easy to pick up, and anyone with a grasp of basic poker hand rankings will easily understand this fun game, which can see you accumulate in-game currency quickly.


The bar room of your motorcycle club feels a long way from the luxury of the casino, but it is a great place to play darts. This one is the most fun of all the traditional minigames, although it sometimes feels almost as random as poker. Trying to time your throw as the errant cursor moves around the board is not easy, but it's just as hard for your opponent, leading to plenty of fun.

Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition

The introduction of an arcade in GTA Online was unusual, but it works well. You can either build up your arcade or simply visit someone else's, and if you do, you'll find a host of minigames to play. One of the most fun is Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition, which feels like an amalgamation of Bomber Man, the original GTA and an 8-bit Ghostbusters game from 1984. Trust us, it's a slice of retro heaven in the middle of Los Santos and not to be missed.